Espora - Halal-Certified and Non-Alcoholic Wine

Espora is a Spanish non-alcoholic wine brand established by ESPORA EXPORTACIONES S.L in 2009.

A 100% Spanish owned family business, ESPORA specializes in the production of non-alcoholic wine grape beverage, combining traditional processes with advanced technology while preserving the delicate fragrances and flavours from the wine.

Wine grape used in ESPORA Non-Alcoholic wine are actually harvested by hand, with any grape not meeting the high standards removed. The average size of the selected grapes is 1,5 grams, and about 800 grapes is needed to produce a bottle of wine. After the harvest, the de-stemmed of wine grape is also carried out by manual labour.

Unlike conventional grape juice, ESPORA Non-Alcoholic wine do go through fermentation. Quality is assured in fermentation by eliminating addition of sugar, water or artificial colorants.

De-Alcoholization goes through 4 stages:

Vacuum Distilation –Alcohol is remove using vacuum while preserving the flavour substances
Reverse Osmosis –separation using high pressure microfiltration
Spinning Cone Column-eliminating alcohol, enhancing aroma
Filtration –clarify and purify of the non-alcoholic beverage and eliminate any insoluble

    After the process of De-Alcoholization, ESPORA Non-Alcoholic wine are aged in French oak barrels for 12 months to impart the oaky flavour found in wine.