Group Buy Wine

Often we find Fine Wines are offered in per case basis and  it can cost you an arm just to get a bottle as most of the time, wine vendor does not want to be bothered by the hassle of managing loose bottle and would want to move the items as soon as possible to cash out. Hence, it has always been a better price offered when purchased in per case basis. 

What if we can get a bottle of Fine Wine at the price of per case basis without buying a case?

Introducing Group Buy! 

A group buy is a process through which we, as a community, can use our collective buying power to purchase goods at a reduced price

We, is proud to present Group Buy Wine on highly sort after Fine Wine at the fraction of the price. 

This is how it works 

We would put up wine collections being offered on per 6 bottles or per 12 bottles basis. All the Fine Wines under Group Buy special  would be sold per bottle basis and once 6 bottles  or 12 bottles of wines are being purchased, wines would can be picked up or delivered to your doorsteps. 



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