1688 Grand Blanc Non Alcoholic Sparkling

Produced by Maison Honoré du Faubourg France, the 1688 Grand Blanc combine a delicate alliance of grape must and natural flavour. This exclusive creation stands out for its fine bubbles and its extraordinary freshness.  It is also awarded the 2012 Health Nutrition Wellness award by Paris IIe-de-France Food Innovation Competition.


It is made from a blend of grapes, the 1688 Grand Blanc contain 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. The unique manufacturing process is inspired by a traditional method enabling the release of the grapes floral and fruity flavors with no fermentation.

Passionate, skillful and experienced, each stage of the production is carefully followed-up from the meticulous selection of the grapes and of the ingredients to the bottling in order to ensure constant quality in the production



It is bright and clean with yellowish tone with gold highlights



It has a sophisticated and refined aroma, it is both very refreshing and complex with undergrowth fragrance



A fruity and well balanced sparkling but leave a long after taste of freshness. It gives the perfect acidity in the mouth with a rather robust finish. Notes of white and yellow fruits like crispy pear and quince can be found with delicate clear bubbles.



It is an ideal aperitif. During a meal 1688 Grand Blanc is a perfect accompaniment with white meats such as paillard of veal escalope, fillet of pork or chicken tagine and fish such as grilled sole, salmon en papillotte and roasted monkfish


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