• Espora Non Alcoholic Chardonnay -1 case (6 bottles)
  • Espora Non Alcoholic Chardonnay -1 case (6 bottles)

Espora Non Alcoholic Chardonnay -1 case (6 bottles)

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Espora Zero Zero White is a certified Halal wine made from 100% Chardonnay with 0% alcohol and No added sugar, imported from Spain

Unlike conventional grape juice, ESPORA Zero Zero is made from Chardonnay grape, the exact grape used to make Chardonnay wine and Chablis, a famous French white wine.

All Espora Zero Zero has also 80% less calories compared to traditional wines hence giving you the benefits of antioxidants while keeping you fit.

Being 0% alcohol, it is suitable to be consumed by all walks of life be it children, pregnant mummies, even elderly and practically anyone who would like to reap the benefits of drinking wines without the alcohol.


Espora Zero Zero is made from quality wines which have been de-alcoholised through a physical process. The de-alcoholization processes is achieved by exposing the wine to small controlled increases in temperature and pressure enough to allows the elimination of the alcohol, without affecting the other characteristics


It has a bright, clean and luminous wine, which has a pale yellow color with green tone.



It presents an elegant balance between floral and fruits and upon aeration, it releases a burst of aromas which give reminiscence of ripened fruits and vegetal



A premium chardonnay grape juice with a burst of freshness of tropical fruits ends with a hint of sweetness



Perfect with light and delicate food such as raw and lightly cooked shellfish like crab and prawns, steamed or grilled fish, fish pâtés, and fish, chicken or vegetable. Good for pasta or risotto with spring vegetable as well as with creamy vegetable soups.


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