Best Wine Openers (Corkscrews)

About Wine range of wine opener (or corkscrews) are hand-picked for your style and practicability.

The easiest to use wine openers are the rabbit ear and the wing corkscrew as both of them does not call for any practise and any newbies would be able to use them with ease but their setback is that they are actually quite bulky and hence restricted to home usage.

Another type is known as the waiter’s friend and this is the type that is used in the restaurant due to its compact size which can be kept in one’s pocket. It is also known as sea saber wine opener. This is also the most complete wine opener as it comes with a blade to cut the wine foil, a screw and a leveller usually of two level. In addition, it also double up as a bottle opener. The only catch is using this type of opener needs some skills but with practise, anyone can master the skill to open a bottle of wine.

One of the most peculiar type of wine opener is the “ah soh” opener. If you have a tendency to open up old and vintage wines, consider getting this type of opener as it does not damage the cork like the other corkscrew. In fact, its two prongs actually takes out the cork as a whole.