Wine Chiller for Residential & Commercial Use

At some point of a time, you would consider buying a wine chiller as you wine collection or consume is becoming a regular habit. Being in Malaysia, the weather is indefinitely not conducive for wine storage let alone cellaring.

It was reported during a survey that 8 out of 10 people ended up buying the wrong wine chiller and have to buy more than one wine chiller. The fact is that buying the right wine chiller can go a long way, the wine collection I mean.

Depending on the stage of wine drinking you are at and the space allocation for the wine chiller, different sizes of wine chiller has their pros and cons.

For a beginner, they would always like to recommend you sizes like 8, 9 bottles or 12 bottles, the truth is don’t start too small. A decent 32 bottles or 60 bottles capacity would be ideal size to start with as it is small enough to fit in any apartment without compromising too much space and it will also fulfill the goal of keeping a collection that is big enough to be enjoyed by the collector or to be used for purposes of entertaining.

Take note that a decent wine chiller should have a fairly wide temperature range and it is at least 7 – 18⁰C. There are digital and mechanical temperature control options but a digital control is easier to use and considered to be more precise. Most wine chillers have glass doors so that you and your friend or guests can admire your wine collection. Although so, glass doors however are less good at keeping warm air getting into the fridge from the outside so always look for wine chillers with double pane, tempered glass doors. Take note, a tinted glass door is another useful feature because it’s designed to filter out UV rays that can be harmful to wines in case of long-term exposure.