Barrique Wine Cabinet 195 bottles Non LED

Wine, properly stored, will continues to develop its natural flavour in the bottle and, on reaching peak maturity, the wine will be deeper and more complex. For a good character wine, consistent storage conditions are prerequisite for long-term storage. Liebherr's wine storage cabinets create ideal conditions for in-bottle ageing, providing a climate similar to a wine cellar. A constant temperature is maintained throughout the cabinet interior, making them ideal for long-term storage and for the ageing of fine wines.

Product Features

PowerCooling system

The high-performance PowerCooling system rapidly cools down freshly stored wines and creates an even cooling temperature throughout the interior. A door contact switch turns the fan off when the door is opened.

Door alarm

The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the wine.

Child lock

The child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off. A symbol in the MagicEye indicates when the child lock is switched on.

Reversible door hinges

The appliances are factory fitted with door hinges on the right. The reversible door hinges permit optimum use of the appliance wherever it is located.

Controllable temperature range

Constant storage temperatures are required to allow wines to mature to perfection. The ideal temperature for maturing is the same for all wines, whether red or white, and lies between +10°C and +12°C. The precision electronic control system combined with state-of-the-art climate technology ensures that the set temperatures in the interior are continuously maintained, even when the ambient temperature is subject to severe fluctuations.

Activated charcoal filter

Environmental odours can affect wines stored for longer periods. In the wine cabinets, perfect air quality is ensured through an easily-replaceable FreshAir activated charcoal filter

Low-vibration storage

Even slight vibrations can disturb the wine maturing process and prevent the tannins from settling. Specially developed, exceptionally low-vibration compressors in all the wine cabinets mean that the wine is optimally stored.

 Ideal humidity

Maintaining the proper humidity is an important aspect for the storage of wines. In this way, corks remain supple and do not dry out. Wine should be stored in a horizontal position to keep the corks moist from the inside. With over 50 % air humidity, wine cabinets guarantee the perfect conditions. The air humidity can be controlled as required in the wine storage cabinets by pressing the ventilation button.

Integrated heater

An integrated heater permits temperatures above the ambient temperature to be reached. This can be very important, for example to bring red wine to drinking temperature (approx. +18 °C).

Product Specification

Max. No of Bordeaux bottle (0.75 L)                                      195 bottles

Output & Consumption

Energy consumption in 24h                                                   0.479 kWh / 24h

Energy consumption per year                                               175 kWh/a

Climate class                                                                         SN-T

Noise level                                                                             40 dB

Net capacity, total                                                                  336 l

Gross capacity, total                                                             453 l

Voltage                                                                                  220-240 V ~

Frequency                                                                            50 Hz

Connection rating                                                                 0.6 A

Dimensions and weight

Exterior dimensions (H/W/D)                                              184.1 / 66.0 / 66.3 cm

Height / Width / Depth (with packaging)                             1,888.0 / 711.0 / 699.0 mm

Weight (without packaging)                                                68.5 kg

Weight (with packaging)                                                     78.5 kg

Control & Functions

Control Digital temperature                                                Display in the MagicEye

Control unit                                                                         Buttons

Individual temperature zones                                             1

Temperature zones                                                            1

Temperature display                                                          Wine storage compartment

Temperature range wine storage compartment                +5°C to +20°C

Malfunction: Warning signal                                              Optical and acoustical

Door open:                                           Warning signal, wine storage compartment audible

Child proofing                                                                   Yes

Wine Storage Compartment

Forced air cooling                                                             Yes

Lighting                                                                              Bulb

Number of storage shelves                                               7

of which wooden folding shelves                                      6

Storage shelf material, wine storage compartment          Wooden grid shelves

Drawer for accessories                                                    —

Activated charcoal filter                                                    Yes

Lock                                                                                  Fitted

Design and materials

Door design                                                                      HardLine

Colour                                                                               Black

Door material                                                                    Steel

Side wall material                                                             Steel

Handle                                                                              Ergonomic slimline handle

Set-up and installation

Door hinges                                                                     Right interchangeable

Delivery :  In 5 working days (subject to stock availability)