• Chick Quick Wine Aerator

Chick Quick Wine Aerator

Product Description

Inlet Diameter      : ~4.0 CM

Outlet Diameter   : ~1.8 CM

Height   : ~14.5 CM

The inner flow through of this aerator is in the shape of a glass, making it a truly elegant design aerator that any wine lover should have at least one. It is equipped with a small sieve where it can sieve out sediments which frequently can occur in vintage wines.

Although so, the removable option of the sieve makes this aerator a top choice as well to aerate young wines with no sediments.

So why should you aerate or let your wines breathe?

  1. The oxygenation of the wine opens up the wine aromas
  2. The flavour profile softens and mellows out a bit especially on tannin
  3. The overall characteristics of the wine will improve-making the wine tasty

Why should you use a wine aerator?

  1. It is not time consuming (ie. you will have to wait 30 minutes or more) like for the decanter
  2. You don’t run the risk of having to throw your wine away since you'll most likely pour the entire bottle into a decanter and may not end up finishing all.
  3. It allow you to aerator by the glass thereby allowing you keep the rest of the bottle for later
  4. They aerate instantly because as soon as the wine has passed through the aerator, it is ready for consumption.
  5. They are mobile meaning that you can take them wherever you may go
  6. They are generally better value than traditional decanters

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