Lead Free Crystal 1500 ML Flat Top Decanter

Product Description

Height      : 24.0 CM

Diameter : 19.0 CM

Volume    : 1500 ML

This lead free crystal have exceptional brilliance and its friendly grip is very well suited for a host that loves to entertain while decanting.

It is optimally design to be used together with magic aerator or chick quick wine aerator to perform aeration and decanting known as “double decant”. This process of decanting and aerating is definitely easier than to do a second round of decanting by pouring the wine back to the bottle after decanting once.

Decanting will give it is best result  highly tannic and full-bodied wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet blends, Syrah, Syrah blends, Malbec as well as Pinotage.

By doing “double decanting” the decanting duration can be shorten in half hence leaving you ample time to entertain and you would be able to enjoy the wine sooner than normal

Decanting a young wine (without sediment) is one of the easiest to do. All you need to do is just pour it into the decanter. Let it sit for thirty minutes or so before you serve it, and you will notice a dramatic increase in subtlety and complexity. To fully enjoy the wine, continue tasting the wine over a period of hours as the wine taste would keep evolving and improving as the wine open ups.

Decanting older wine (wine with sediment) on the other hand requires more attention. You may even ruin it by overexposing it to oxygen before serving. Thus, it is highly recommended that you should only decant older wine immediately before serving.