Magic Aerator

Product Description

Inlet Diameter      : 4.0 CM

Outlet Diameter   : 1.8 CM

Height   : 14.5 CM

A wine aerator is a small, in-bottle, hand-held pour-through or decanter top device for aerating wine. These devices mix air into the wine as it flows through or over, increasing exposure to oxygen and causing aeration. They offer an alternative to swirling, and traditional decanting

This particular decanter comes with a small sieve with serve as a barrier for sediments. Having this aerator would certainly guaranteed that the wine serve not only taste good but is free from sediments. A tasty glass of wine from the host would indefinitely make your important guest feel welcome and highly appreciated. In addition, this decanter comes with a unique stands and upon not in use, can be place on the stand which not only able to awe your important guest but the aesthetic of it will be envied by all wine enthusiasts

A handy aerator will easily do the trick in minutes. This wine aerator for example, is held above your glass while you pour wine through the top of the aerator. As the wine flows through the aerator, it "breathes" as bubbles are sent through it. An aerator is appropriate for casual meals, where time is of the essence. This is why this aerator lives up to its motto which is “All Taste none of the wait”.

An aerator like this will make your MYR 40 bottle of wine match up to its price, instead of tasting like a MYR 20 bottle. So, investing in a wine aerator will actually help you save money in the long run.

Delivery In 3-7 days (subject to stock availability)