Magic Wine Decanter

Product Description

Height      : 41.0 CM

Diameter : 16.5 CM

Magic Decanter is a type of decanter which is classified as an instant wine decanter. It is also known as the glass wine decanter. It rely on a different kind of ways to decant or aerate the wines.  The decanting process is being aided by an aerator making this a combination of decanter and aerator at the same time.

The shape of this magic decanter is well designed for mobility and easy to use hence it is also known as the mobile decanter. Ease of carrying is known for this decanter/ aerator as it is a small wine decanter but another plus point is the ease of cleaning this small decanter compared to a typical shape decanter. Not to mention, the elimination of decanter drying is another plus point.

You can choose to mount the aerator to the stand while decanting or you can hold the aerator with one hand while pouring wine on another hand into a wine glass. Therefore, using this Magic Decanter, decanting happens one glass at a time and need not wait for wines to be decant into a decanter before being poured out into respective glasses.

When you pour a young wine into this Magic Decanter, the resulting agitation enabling it to develop and come to life at an accelerated pace.

This is one unique decanter which is suitable as a gift for the wine lover and it is certainly a wine accessories that one should have as it is suitable for both red and white wine.

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