MITRE 1.5L glass decanter

Product Description

Height      : 24.5 CM

Diameter : 20.5 CM

Volume    : 1500 ML

A decanter is a container or vessel where liquid, or for this case, wine is being poured into. Decanter come in all shape and sizes and depending on the usage, shape and size of decanter matters.

Initially decanting is carried out to remove sediments but as years gone by and with modern wine making technique, there are hardly any more wine sediments. Hence, the main objective of the decanting process is to enable wine to “breathe”- to stimulate oxidation.

 For red wine decanting, it is important to take note that the diameter of the decanter is of most important. This is because the oxidation process would benefit greatly from the wide surface of the decanter. For MITRE 1500 ML decanter, the diameter of 20.5 CM is most ideal for a well-designed decanter. Red wine generally requires decanting especially if it is a very young wine.

It is necessary to have enough volume to enable the decanting of the whole bottle and MITRE 1.5 L is suitable to decant a full bottle at a time and to have a wine decanter with long neck in order for a good grip while shaking. The shaking motion should be initiated upon pouring the whole bottle of wine into the decanter and to ensure the appearance of the bubbles in the wine.

This decanter shape is one of the most well designed decanter which would be appreciated by wine enthusiasts and great for entertaining friends and family

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