Sea Saber Wine Opener & Wine Stopper Set

Product Description

Length: ~12.0 CM

This wine opener is known as the Swiss Army Knife of wine openers and this variety is a little intimidating as it takes a while to learn how to use but the good news is that you won’t need a separate foil cutter.  This is because there is a serrated blade built into this wine opener and it can be used to cut the foil under the lip.

 The spiral can be screwed up to six and a half times into the cork slightly off center. The first lever is usually used to start release of the cork and once out, the second lever is used to completely extract out the cork. This is a process which is often seen in restaurants and for simplicity and price, this wine corkscrew is still a great go to option to use at home.

 Not only it is simple to use it is also small and compact size due to the folding capacity like a Swiss army knife, making it easy to stash in a drawer until it is needed hence does not take up additional space in the kitchen but it fact the aesthetic of the wine opener is most welcome as a decorating tool in the kitchen.

This set comes with a vacuum wine stopper and both of these items are  all place in a nice black gift box which is perfect for as a present to the wine lovers whether newbies or enthusiasts and even for professionals.

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