• Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

The wing corkscrew was first invented in 1939. It is also known as the butterfly corkscrew or angel corkscrew. It has two levers, one on either side of the worm.

As the worm is twisted into the cork, the levers are raised. Pushing down the levers draws the cork from the bottle in one smooth motion. The most common design has a rack and pinion connecting the levers to the body. The head of the central shaft is frequently modified to form a bottle opener, increasing the utility of the device. This corkscrew is one of the most elegant design corkscrew available and it is suited for wine newbies.

How to use a wing corkscrew

  1. Remove the foil by peeling using the knife’s edge exposing the top lip of the bottle and cork
  2. Embed the corkscrew and raise the arms of the winged corkscrew up so the corkscrew part protrudes completely from the bottom
  3. Insert the corkscrew into the top of the cork at an angle and raise it upright once it is securely embedded.
  4. Twist clockwise using the knob on the top of the winged corkscrew until the corkscrew is completely embedded
  5. Using both hands, grab the wings and pull them down and the cork would be simultaneously being pulled out of the bottle
  6. You can remove the cork from the wing corkscrew by holding the cork in one hand and twist the knob on the top of the wing corkscrew counter-clockwise with another hand till the cork comes out completely.

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