How to Pick Wine (Like a Pro)-New World

Have you ever walk into a wine shop and stared blankly at the vast wine labels?

How about feeling overwhelm by the different prices and different label designs?

How many of you ended up buying the same brand of wines again and again because you have picked not so nice wines before, hence it is better to stick back to what you have tasted?

A lot of times I bet when you face with the situation above, you would look for Uncle “G” aka Google for answers. However, in my experience, Uncle “G” answers may not apply so well to your situation because

  1. Most of the answers you managed to get are tailor made for the American or UK consumers
  2. It can get very technical e.g. you are bombarded with a list of grape/ wine name / region and by the time you are done, you are more confused than ever
  3. It gives Interesting suggestion on how to pick wines like for example, get a case?? What if I don’t like the wine?
  4. It would ask you to look at wine rating information like how many points and how many medals the wine have won but this may not work well either.

First of all, you need to understand how a wine is being rated. Wines are being rated by wine critics and each of them have different taste preference hence there is a high chance that you may not like the wine even though rating may be high.

At the end of the day, it gets even complicated that each wine shop has different selections and the wine labels are updated frequently and not to mention new wine labels coming out every year so how to pick wine like a pro then?

Like how you pick dishes in a restaurant, I can bet that the possibility of you, ordering a Malaysian dish from a Western theme restaurant is pretty low isn’t it, even though the Malaysian cuisine is listed on the menu. Why? Because it is not their signature dishes.

That is exactly how it is with wine, each country like a restaurant produces various type of selection but indefinitely there are those selection that is great that it became their signature grape or wine. By picking this signature wines, you have eliminated the chances of picking a lousy wines almost instantly.


So instead of pouring through endless webpages for the signature wines of each country, About Wine is proud to present the New World Wine Selection infographics.


P/S- At the end of the day, wine is something that you can master only by tasting, so be open, be adventurous and drink more to explore!







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