Top 5 Wines That Will Make Chinese New Year Dinner More Delicious

 Attending a Chinese New Year dinner and have no idea on what type of wines to bring? Do you know the wrong type of wine will make Chinese New Year dishes tasteless or taste weird?

Today, I'll reveal to you 5 wines that will make “Lou Sang”, steam fish, pork ribs, duck, preserve meat and other CNY dishes go WOW!

Let us first look at Chenin Blanc. This South Africa signature wine has a burst of fruit freshness and with a hint of sweetness, perfect to go with aperitif such as “Lou Sang”. It is affordable, as you can get it below MYR 60.



Some Rieslings are produced dry, others are sweeter. Pick the sweet Riesling from Germany for salty dishes cooked with Soy Sauce and Black Beans, such as stir fried prawns, pork ribs, chicken, abalone and others. Wine such as Riesling, balances the saltiness and enhances the flavours of both food and wine.


For red wines, an excellent one would be a Pinot Noir from Chile or New Zealand. Its fruit juiciness and velvety taste, is an excellent pairing with roast, grill, fried prawns, chicken or duck.

Should you prefer the Old World Reds, go for a Côtes du Rhône. Its complex flavour is able to match up with almost any meaty dishes of Chinese New Year cuisine, yet soft enough for the vegetable dishes.


If you can spend up to MYR 150 per bottle, a sparkling wines like Champagne, Prosecco or Cava would be highly recommended. The bubbles from the sparkling wines has a palette cleansing effect, and would indefinitely be able to bring out the dishes flavour with its freshness and fizziness. After all, Chinese New Year dinner are all about the celebration, and what is better than hearing the pop sound for a celebration.

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Author's bio: Trina is the founder of Wine Tasting Malaysia. With her 6 years experience in the wine industry, she organized more than 100 wine events for wine lovers, property developers and beginners who want to learn more about wine. With her professional qualifications such as C.I.V.B. and fun personality, people find her sharing useful and easy to understand.  

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